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My Name IS Mark ,I'm a self learnt Australian artist Born in Sydney NSW 1960.

I Paint oils , I sketch , I design , I turn items into clocks.

I host websites and manage them with complete updates for you at a very low competitive price

Se my hosting site for more details

You give me your Photograph of your favorite spot and I can bring it alive in an oil painting.

If you want me to create some Artworks for you please don't hesitate to contact me.

Take your look at my Artworks and tell me what you like about them by signing up to my Designs Forum, let the world know what you think of my sites ,my designs ,my Artworks.Give me some feedback of what I could design,create for you.

My latest Painting Elvis the Musician Completed June 8th 2011

Given to my sister inlaw Vonny for her 60th Birthday

Elvis the Musician








Paintings, Graphics, Designs.

Leave your ideas ,make sujestions, share your thoughts ,share your pictures.